concept and texts by annemieke louwerens

VITRINE was a unique exhibition space opposite the entrance of Vino Vero, an organic wine shop on the Weimarstraat, the Hague, Netherlands.

Annemieke Louwerens, VITRINE's founder and artist-curator, invited artists to show their work or presented her own in the repurposed shop window. Often times installations were made specifically for VITRINE; Louwerens, however, always added a visual element as a commentary to the work. As such, no one VITRINE was like the other: the medium, the installations and the space were highly changeable. 

Louwerens used the VITRINE's clever compositions and juxtapositions to surprise, provoke and slow the pace of passers-by. VITRINE was on view 24/7 with each installation running for 6 to 7 weeks.

The entire project ran from 2008 until 2016 and is documented on this website.

Most texts are translated into English